Because Trout don’t live in ugly places!


The Purpose?

The purpose of this club and its reason of existence will be to connect with others who love the outdoors and have an interest in learning to fly-fish in the waters around us.

Why a Fly Fishing Club?

Because trout don’t live in ugly places! Connecting with others is of immeasurable value and sharing the experience of High School with others only adds to the enjoyment and magical memories!

Farragut Fly Fishing

Welcome to Farragut High School’s Fly Fishing Club! The goal of our club is to bring students together who are interested in fly fishing, from beginning anglers to experienced. It is extremely exciting to join the club right now and we are thrilled at sharing the adventures our club is about to go on!



Upcoming Schedule


7th: Club meeting – lay out plan for rest of school year…

19th: Little River Outfitters Fly Tying (8 participants allowed) –Will learn “green weenie” and “wooly booger” – 106 Town Square Drive  Townsend, TN  1:00-3:00pm

21st: Club meeting – David Knapp (Trout Zone Anglers) will be teaching casting skills for GSMNP.  This meeting will be a game changer for your casting!

23rd: Iron Man Fly Contest (6:00 pm – Dead End BBQ 3621 Sutherland Ave) –  East some BBQ and make fun of people tying blindfolded!  — I’ll be tying! 

24-26: East Tennessee Fishing Show ( Knoxville Expo Center)  Check it out if you want — not much fly fishing stuff, if any, but still “fishing” stuff!!



1st: Atlanta Fly Fishing Show (Infinite Energy Center 6400 Sugarloaf Pkwy Duluth, GA.  Ethan and I are staying Saturday night. 

4th: Club Meeting – Dave & Melissa Harrell (Clinch River TU chapter) will be teaching casting skills needed for tailwater!  This meeting will fine tune your casting!

15th: Smoky Mountain Fisheries Meeting (9:00 am Park Service Twin Creek Science Center 1316 Cherokee Orchard Road, Gatlinburg, TN)  This is where we will sign up for volunteer opportunities to help in the park!  We will be leaving at 7:45 am promptly from FHS.  Volunteers are needed desperately in the park, so this meeting will be an extremely meaningful one to attend!

18th:  Club meeting




3rd: Club meeting – Final prep and logistics for March 21st outing

7th:  Little River Outfitters (Townsend, TN)  Meet Walter Babb and Jack Gregory tying some of the fly’s that made them famous.  These are some of the local legends that all fly fishers should meet, if possible.  Walter Babb is considered an expert on the subject of our sport, in our region.  Both are a wealth of information and stories that will make you a better fly fisher!  10:00 am – 2:00 pm

16th-20th:  SPRING BREAK

21st: Tailwater (Clinch) OR Park (Metcalf Bottoms) outing pending TVA generation schedule and weather.  Great Smoky Mountain TU chapter will be helping on this outing!



7th: Club meeting – Susan Thrasher Casting Class (Southern Brookies Fly Fishing owner & FFF Certified Casting Instructor) / logistics for next meeting

11th: First Norton Creek Outing (You should be able to tie “improved clinch knot” and feel comfortable with a fly rod by this time –WE ARE THE ONLY ONES ALLOWED ON PROPERTY–NO TU HELPERS!!!)

21st: Club meeting – Plans for summer and next school year — where do y’all want club to go from here???



5th:  Club meeting at Don Gallo (1600 Choto Markets Way) at 5:00pm for Cinco De Mayo and plans for summer and next school year to be discussed

19th:  Final club meeting – logistics for Norton Creek outing

23rtd:  Second Norton Creek Outing (Final outing for school year — WE ARE THE ONLY ONES ALLOWED ON THIS PROPERTY!!!)




TBD during meetings



New school year and addition of new members!!!!  Plans TBD



























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